Reference Boars

Our boar stud may be small complared to some, but unlike most, we utilize all of our boars in our own genetic program. What does this mean to you as a customer? Consistent, Predictable, Results.

Semen Ordering and Booking

  • The best time to order is Monday and Thursday mornings.
  • Call 830-606-7547 to order.
  • Volume discounts available on select boars. Over-Run pricing available after 10:00 a.m. on select boars.
  • All semen pre-paid, or paid credit card.


Step One X Out of Sight
For Reference Only

Jacked Up

Jackpot X Earl X Hillbilly Bone
For Reference Only

Cat 60-7

No Fare x Slow Motion x Double Dare
For Reference Only

Jack 104

Jack x Triple X x Double Dare
For Reference Only

The Jack

Bone Collecter X Shoot 'em
Stress: Negative
For Reference Only

Alley Cat 43

Alley Cat X 60-7 X Double Dare X Alley Cat
For Reference Only


Hillbilly Deluxe x Detox
For Reference Only

Fire Away

Chasin Fame x Franchise x Hillbilly Catolac
Price: $300/Dose

War Paint

Wedding Night x Live Wire
Price: $300/Dose

Totally Bad

Crossfire X Zero X Double Dare X Alley Cat
Price: $500/Dose


Jack 104 x 60-7
Price: $300/Dose


Fortune X Hit N Run X High Standard
Stress: Negative
Owned with: Jess Gilbert
Price: $300/Dose

War Wagon

Warpaint X Jack 104
Price: $200/Dose


Believe in Me x Oddball
Price: $200/Dose

Step Up

Two Step x Jack 104
Price: $200/Dose


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