Our boar stud may be small complared to some, but unlike most, we utilize all of our boars in our own genetic program. What does this mean to you as a customer? Consistent, Predictable, Results.

Semen Ordering and Booking

  • The best time to order is Monday and Thursday mornings.
  • Office: 830-606-7547
  • Rory Cell: 830-608-5058
  • Volume discounts available on select boars. Over-Run pricing available after 10:00 a.m. on select boars.
  • All semen pre-paid, or paid credit card.

Totally Bad

Crossfire X Zero X Double Dare X Alley Cat
Price: $300/Dose

War Paint

Wedding Night x Live Wire
Price: $300/Dose

Jacked Up

Jackpot x Earl xHillbilly Bone
Littermate to Jacked Up
Price: $400/Dose

Fire Away

Chasin Fame x Franchise x Hillbilly Catolac
Price: $300/Dose

Alley Cat 43

Alley Cat X Cat 60-7 X Double Dare x Alley Cat
Bred by 19 year old frozen semen.
Price: $300/Dose


Fortune X Hit N Run X High Standard
Stress: Negative
Owned with: Jess Gilbert
Price: $200/Dose


Jack 104 x 60-7
Price: $300/Dose

Two Step

Step One x Out of Sight
Price: $200/Dose


Contact Us


MATT LEE: 830.387.1474
JESS GILBERT: 979.255.1653

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